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Centenarians optimistic, say they feel much younger

For boomers, 65 is the new 55. For centenarians, 100 is the new 80.

A new survey found similarities between 65-year-old boomers and people who are 100 or older. Both groups feel younger than their years and try to stay active. About 90 percent of respondents in both groups see their physicians at least once a year.

The UnitedHealthcare "100@100" survey is a yearly update of how centenarians feel about living to 100. This year the survey also polled boomers as they turned 65. The three keys to a long life, according to the centenarians, are staying close to friends and family, maintaining a sense of independence and eating right. As for how old they feel, on average they said 83.

The most optimistic result of the survey: Of the 104 centenarians surveyed, 55 said they were living independently and didn't need a caregiver to help them with daily activities.

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