Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Father happily finds what goes around, comes back around

Marc Young of Floral Park with his daughter

Marc Young of Floral Park with his daughter Kelly Falcone at The Lemon Ice King of Corona, a favorite stop on days of Mets home games. Credit: Patty Young

On a recent Tuesday, I came home in Floral Park and asked my wife if we had anything to do that evening. She told me we were going to meet my youngest daughter, Kelly, who is 28, around 6:15 p.m. “Where and why?” I asked. She said, “I can’t tell you, but you can drive!”

So, we left the house around 5:30 and I was directed to take the Cross Island Parkway north to the LIE, west.

I couldn’t figure out the where or why yet, but as we neared the Main Street exit, I asked if we were going to the hospital. (I had two major surgeries in 2012 at New York Presbyterian Hospital). My wife said, “Very funny, but no. Get off at 108th Street.” Then I figured we were going to The Lemon Ice King of Corona.

I have been going there since I was a boy, riding my bike from Forest Hills, and I have taken my girls there anytime we went to a Mets game.

We arrived at Ice King around 6:15 p.m., as did Kelly. She told me she was treating me to ices for the 20th anniversary of her first Mets game. She has kept all of the stubs and told me that, on June 2, 1996, the Mets lost to the Dodgers 1-0 and Mark Clark had pitched for the Mets that day.

We are friendly with Vince, the owner of Ice King. When he saw my wife taking a picture of me and Kelly, and we told him why, he gave Kelly an Ice King of Corona T-shirt!

Kelly has been a 40-pack ticket holder for the Mets since 2013. She started that season so she could get tickets to the All-Star Game. She took me to the game and all related events. Since that season, she has taken me to opening days, the Yankee-Mets games (I am a Yankees fan), and to Game Three of the 2015 World Series against the Kansas City Royals (the Mets won that game, but not the series).

Kelly and her husband, Eric, are taking me to the Father’s Day game this year because the Mets will be playing at home.

My three daughters remember many of the fun things we did together over the years. I hope, for all fathers, that your children remember the things you did for them. and I hope your rewards are as great as mine!

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