When your muscles or joints feel sore, temporary relief can sometimes be found with an over-the-counter cream or gel. But the FDA is warning there may be serious side effects.

The agency says some consumers have received severe skin injuries after using one of popular products such as Bengay or Icy Hot. The FDA says if you experience burning, pain or blistering, "you must seek medical attention immediately." Additionally, the FDA says do not put a bandage over the skin where you've applied the ointment and never use a heating pad or hot water bottle on the treated area.

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While the FDA says there have been only 43 recorded cases of burns connected with the products, the agency believed the threat is serious enough to issue a Drug Safety Communication aimed at consumers and health professionals earlier this month.

For more tips on how to safely use these types of ointments, go to bit.ly/fda-ointments.