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Flu shots, regular or high dosages, are recommended

Health officials again recommend that seniors get their annual flu shot. For those who hate needles, help is on the way, but not this year.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says it is close to perfecting a nasal spray flu vaccine for older adults. There is a nasal flu vaccine currently available, but it is only approved for people ages 2-49. If it passes all its clinical tests, the new vaccine may ready by next year's flu season.

As for this year, adults 65 and older can again opt for a high-dosage flu shot, which is believed to offer better protection for seniors. Medicare and private health insurance typically cover the costs of either the high-dosage or regular flu shot.

For more information on this year's flu season, go to The site includes a Flu Vaccine Finder tool where you can find an outlet near you dispensing flu shots.

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