Did you unwrap a shiny new tech item during the holiday season? If not, you may want to treat yourself now. But how do you choose among the glut of gadgets and gizmos?

Here's a low-maintenance way to find the right high-tech product.

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Boomer and senior website lifegoesstrong.com put together a list of 2012's best tech products for older adults. Among the 15 products on the list are some popular items such as the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, the Apple iPad mini tablet and the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. But lifegoesstrong also likes Life 360, a free app for most tablets and smartphones that allows families to keep tabs on their loved ones. Also getting a thumbs-up is the Clarity Fortissimo landline phone, which has a large dial pad and a feature that can amplify calls.

For the complete list, go to lifegoesstrong.com/toptech2012.