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My Turn: An Evening in Paris for a mom in a housedress

Evening in Paris in vintage cobalt blue bottle.

Evening in Paris in vintage cobalt blue bottle. Credit: Evening in Paris

When I was a little girl in the early 1950s, my favorite gift to give my mother was any Evening in Paris product. One Christmas, I had enough money to buy her the boxed set which contained fragrance, toilet water and hand cream.

They came in a beautiful midnight blue box with gold trim and gold script that said, “Evening in Paris.” The box was lined with white satin and each bottle rested in a special indentation to fit it. When you opened the box, a slender blue satin ribbon connected the lid to the bottom. Each bottle was midnight blue with a gold top.

The glamour and the sumptuousness of it beguiled me. The whole package was enchanting and magical. On the bottom was a picture of a smiling, glamorous woman with a white ermine cape over a strapless dress and diamond jewelry at her ears, throat, wrists and fingers. She wore Evening in Paris.

I wanted to look like her when I grew up.

I so wanted that glamour for my mother, too. She wore housedresses and aprons a lot. My mother loved this gift. I knew that because she would keep the whole box on her dresser all the time and she would use some every day.

Sometimes she would put a dab of fragrance behind my ears. I felt like a grown-up lady when she did that.

Linda Cucurullo,


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