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My Turn: My wish for health on life’s roller coaster

I am a wife, mother and boomer grandmother who taught elementary school. I love welcoming the New Year because I’m glad I’m still here to enjoy it. Now in my 60s, I take pleasure in each day when there is no big trouble to deal with.

Since 2016, began there has been constant turmoil. First the Dow Jones began a roller-coaster ride mostly on the downside. All I hear is China, big oil. It’s China’s fault, it’s big oil. Well Dow Jones, give me a break, it’s not my fault! Just stay up there for a while!

Then the sky opened up and delivered a massive snowstorm to an unwilling East Coast. Over two feet of the white stuff piled high everywhere. Now I must stomp around town in my heavy snow boots and waddle through this mess of dirty sludge until it disappears.

Then there was the stress of the election. My brother in Florida does not share my views. I can’t believe we had the same parents!

Now I know this just sounds like a lot of complaining. No one wants to hear it, so I’m journaling my dilemmas and hoping someone out there will get a chuckle from reading them. We don’t know what to expect in the upcoming months.

All we can hope for is good health. I used to hear older people say it and smirk. Now I wish for it everyday.

Phyllis Weinberger,

North Woodmere

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