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My Turn: Thrilled to be a member of the Grandma Club

Robin Sittenreich is thrilled to have membership in

Robin Sittenreich is thrilled to have membership in the Grandma?s Club, made possible with the birth of her first grandchild, Ryan. Credit: MARC SITTENREICH

Six months ago, I joined a new club. There were no invitations in my mailboxes — neither snail nor virtual — no membership application, no initiation fee, and no meetings with current members to assess my compatibility. And yet, it’s a most coveted club to join. I became a member of the Grandma Club!

My membership cards? Two new tags — Babies R Us and Carter’s Reward Club — dangle from my key chain, nestled between my well-worn and much used drugstore and supermarket loyalty tags.

And while my husband tries on new names like a closet full of colorful T-shirts, Grandpa, Pop, Papa and the roundly and soundly rejected, Pappy, I will happily embrace any member name I can. Having waited 60-plus years to join this fellowship, I will gladly answer to Grandma, Nana, Bubby, Mimi or any other name my grandson, Ryan, chooses to apply.

As with any club, the members have developed their own jargon. I had never heard of “pack and plays” or “tummy time.” I wander the aisles of the baby superstores amazed at what I don’t know! It’s almost hard to believe that I raised two perfectly wonderful children of my own into adulthood.

In order to be a member in good standing, I will need to study up so I can earn my Grandma Badges for feeding, diapering, playing and the like on social media!

And I will happily welcome new inductees to the club. I will gladly share with them the secrets of the trade I learn by watching my precious new grandson grow!

Robin Sittenreich,


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