While guzzling beer and gobbling potato chips may be the diet of choice for watching those weekend football games on TV, new studies show that there are better choices for your health.

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One study showed that in men, drinking nonalcoholic red wine can result in lower numbers. The study in the American Heart Association's Circulation Research journal found that drinking nonalcoholic red wine was more effective than regular red wine in lowering blood pressure in men at high risk for heart disease. Researchers said the antioxidants in nonalcoholic red wine could reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent and the risk of heart disease by 14 percent.

In a separate study that applies to both sexes, eating low-fat yogurt also can lower blood pressure. Information presented at the American Heart Association's high blood pressure research conference in Washington, D.C., last month indicated that people who ate at least six ounces of low-fat yogurt every three days had a lower risk of developing high blood pressure than non-yogurt eaters.