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Online calculator lets you gauge your 5-year risk of dying

A new online calculator attempts to give you an answer to a question that both piques your interest and leaves you with dread.

The UK Biobank Longevity Explorer, known as Ubble, gives a "five-year risk of dying" for adults ages 40-70 after you answer questions about your lifestyle and health. Be forewarned: The calculator says it will "only provide accurate estimations" for adults living in the United Kingdom. Researchers added this caveat because the science behind Ubble comes from a new study of actuarial tables and census information of people living in England, Wales and Scotland. The study was published this month in the scientific journal The Lancet.

As you take the test, the only question that might sound foreign to you is the last one, which asks about disabilities. "Blue badge" is analogous to a New York disability parking permit and "attendance allowance" is similar to Social Security disability payments.

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