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Places to look for community information

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Here are a few key Web addresses for getting a good feel for a possible retirement community.

Home prices.
  From the National Association of Realtors. (Click here to connect.)

Crime statistics. Presented by state, region and agency.  (Click here to connect.)

Population, income levels.  From the Census Bureau. Type the community's name in the upper right hand corner, where it says "population finder." (Click here to connect.)

Federal unemployment. From the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (Click here to connect.)

New York State unemployment.  Figures from the N.Y. State Labor Department. (Click on "statistics" on the left, then on "unemployment.") (Click here to connect.)

Location and transportation.  For the big picture, try and for airports and flights. (Click here to connect for MapQuest. Click here for iFly.) 

Check out a neighborhood. See aerial photos, some dated and grainy, of neighborhoods, with zoom in, zoom out feature. (Click here to connect.)

Home prices for specific regions, cities. Find information from the National Association of Realtors.   (Click here to connect.)

Houses for sale. Homes on the Multiple Listing Service.  (Click here to connect.)

Environmental problems.  Produced by environmental data firm Toxics Targeting Inc., Ithaca. (Click here to connect.)

Neighbors. Find out who would be next door with a reverse directory. (Click here to connect.)

Sex offenders.  Get information from a nonprofit organization that says it has a complete map of locations of registered sex offenders.  (Click here to connect.)

Sex offenders. Federal site. U.S. Dept of Justice national sex offender Web site, searchable by name or ZIP code (Click here to connect.)

Community statistics. FBI crime figures by region, state and agency. (Click here to connect.)

Metro area statistics. Find the most recent (2008) FBI crime figures per 100,000 population.  (Click here to connect.)

New York state crime statistics. Figures from the State Division of Criminal Justice.  (Click here to connect.)

Population and income levels.  Census Bureau figures. Type the community's name in the upper right hand corner,  under "population finder." (Click here to connect.)

Unemployment rates.  U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics figures. (Click here to connect.)

Unemployment in N.Y. State. Figures from the State Labor Deparment. (Click on "Statistics" on the left, then on "Unemployment" also on the left. (Click here to connect.)

Services for seniors. A list of state offices for the aging is at, look under  "State Aging Agencies." (Click here to connect.)

School and property taxes. New York State Office of Real Property Services. Start by searching the county you're interested in.  (Click here to connect.)

Taxes outside New York. This site collects data on communities from various sources, or check the state's official Web site. ry (Click here to connect.)

Cost of electricity, by state.  A U.S. Energy Department listing, by state. (Click here to connect.)

Cost of electricity, by utility.  A U.S. Energy Department listing by utility. (Click here to find a file that downloads.)

Foreclosure rates. RealtyTrac, online marketer of foreclosed properties.   (Click here to connect.)

Hospital rankings, national.  Compiled from multiple government and commercial sources. (Click here to connect.)

N.Y. State hospital assesment. From the N.Y. State Health Department. (Click here to connect.)

Medicare hospital comparison. From official Medicare site. (Click here to connect.)

Find a doctor.  State University at Albany's Center for Health and Workforce studies annual report on the supply and geographical distribution of physicians. (Click on the first "full report.) (Click here to connect.)

Weather. It's everywhere. Try this site. (Click here to connect.)

Retiring. An AARP article on best places to retire.  (Click here to connect.)

More on retiring in Kingston. This Walletpop article mentions Kingston as one of 20 best neighborhoods to retire. (Click here to connect.)

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