Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Reaching out, reaching in

My family looked like the perfect Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving portrait. Even with a family of eight brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, my parents always made room for more.

We were encouraged to reach out to others who didn't have a place to go. We were taught to care and help others. The words "don't get involved, it's not your problem" would never be tolerated.

One Thanksgiving my oldest brother went into the kitchen while my mother was cleaning the turkey. My mother who was singing -- relaxed and enjoying the task -- put her hand deep into the turkey to pull out the giblets. All of a sudden, something pulled her fingers deep from inside the turkey, she screamed!

The turkey went flying into the air and my mom saw my brother with his hand in the turkey from the other side. We all had a good laugh and knew this would be one more great story to share over the holidays.

--June Hicks Rochedieu, Floral Park

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