What do you expect to be doing when you turn 100?

Tennis, anyone?

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"Age of Champions," a documentary that profiles several of the more than 10,000 competitors at the 2009 National Senior Olympics in Palo Alto, Calif., will be telecast on PBS this summer. But a sneak preview of the one-hour documentary is available for viewing on the Internet Saturday and Sunday only.

Among the seniors profiled are the Tigerettes, a basketball team made up of grandmothers who justify their name with an aggressive style of play. The documentary also follows Roger Gentilhomme, a 100 year-old tennis champion from Massachusetts, in a match against a 94-year-old challenger, or as Gentilhomme describes it, "I'm playing a youngster again." (Gentilhomme died in June 2011 at age 102.)

To watch the documentary online, go to ageofchampions.org/premiere.