Trying to cut down on sodium? Going easy on the salt shaker is a good start, but also beware of "hidden" salt. Most of the sodium in our diets comes from foods that may not even seem salty. The American Heart Association has identified common foods that are often loaded with sodium. Here are the Salty Six:

Breads and rolls A single slice of bread can have 330 milligrams of sodium, or about 20 percent of the recommended daily intake for older adults. Look for low-sodium choices.

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Cold cuts A two-ounce serving typically contains half the recommended dietary sodium.

Pizza The cheese is the culprit. Instead of extra mozzarella, get extra vegetables.

Poultry Raw poultry is low in sodium, but some processors inject it with a salt mixture to enhance the taste.

Soup Many canned soups are laced with sodium.

Sandwiches Some fast-food burgers contain 100 percent of your recommended dietary sodium intake.