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Smartphones: Most seniors say owning them is smart

Smartphones have become so popular that 75 percent of adults 65 and older own one, according to the Pew Research Center. If you're in the 25 percent who haven't taken the plunge, here are some numbers that may help you decide.

When asked by Pew whether their smartphones represented a "leash" or "freedom," 82 percent of smartphone owners 65 and older said "freedom." That's the highest percentage of any age group. As a comparison, 36 percent of smartphone owners 18-29 felt their phone was a "leash."

The survey found that seniors typically use their phones for "a narrower range of purposes," mainly email, texting and, of course, phone calls. But Pew concluded that for seniors who own a smartphone, "having one in their pocket is a liberating experience."


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