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Study: After surgery, get complications treated at same hospital

Following release from the hospital after surgery, complications sometimes arise. Do you go to the same hospital where the procedure was performed or do you look elsewhere for treatment? A new study says you're better off going to the original hospital.

Researchers at the University of Utah found that a patient who went to a different hospital to treat complications after surgery had a 26 percent higher risk of dying within 90 days than a patient who returned to the hospital where the surgery was performed. The study looked at several common surgeries, including coronary bypass, hernia repair and neurosurgery.

The study noted that "domestic medical tourism" is rising as patients, perhaps dissatisfied with their original medical team or trying to find a lower price, look for a different hospital. But the study, published last month in The Lancet, found that "continuity of care in the same hospital" is crucial to achieving the best results.

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