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Survey: U.S. is ninth best country for older adults; Switzerland No.1

Most lists that rate the best places for older adults to live focus on individual cities. But a new list takes a larger-scale approach: It compares the world's countries to find those where social and economic conditions are most favorable for people 60 and older.

The list, compiled by HelpAge International and the University of Southampton in Great Britain, names Switzerland as the world's best country for older adults followed by Norway and Sweden. The United States finished ninth among the 96 countries rated. Afghanistan was the worst place on the list.

One of the categories where the United States trailed was life expectancy at age 60, where it tied for 32nd place. A 60-year-old in the U.S. has a life expectancy of 23 more years. Best on the list was Japan, where a 60-year-old can expect to live for 26 more years.

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