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Take a stand for your health: Stop sitting so much, study suggests

Want to do something to boost your health? Take a stand.

Sedentary older adults who took even a short break from sitting displayed higher scores on tests designed to measure physical fitness, according to a new study

Researchers said that "breaking up sedentary time," even by simply standing up, was "associated with better physical function in older adults." The study followed 215 adults ages 65-94.

Many older adults spend as much as 60 percent of their waking time either sitting or lying down. But researchers concluded that "interrupting" sedentary behavior by standing up improved an older adult's physical function and made everyday activities easier. Lead researcher Luís Sardinha told Reuters Health that older adults should make "nine interruptions" for every hour spent sitting.

The study was published in the Journals of Gerontology: Series A.

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