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The surprise guest

Jeanette Sciacchitano is surprised at her engagement party

Jeanette Sciacchitano is surprised at her engagement party by her maternal grandmother, Josephine Vitolo. Credit: Handout

My parents retired to Florida in the early '70s. Our children were very young and Mom had a difficult time leaving my family here on Long Island. The years flew by, and the kids were becoming adults.

My youngest daughter was planning her wedding, and Mom would lament, during our frequent phone conversations, how much she missed not being able to share in these special moments. A bridal shower was planned, and, when the day arrived, my daughter walked into her friend's backyard to cheers of "Surprise!" As she greeted family and friends, all eyes were focused on her as she approached Mom. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the look of surprise and the tears streaming from granddaughter, grandma and guests . . . priceless. My mom wasn't a person who traveled solo, but she was determined not to miss this happy event. Mom isn't with us any longer but the memory of that day and her loving gesture will live in our hearts forever.

--Diane Sciacchitano,North Massapequa

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