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Tip: Extra weight may not be so bad for seniors

Many folks 65 and older are celebrating a golden anniversary: They've probably made 50 New Year's resolutions to lose weight. But if the results of a new study are correct, you may want to forget about that weight-loss vow this year.

Researchers at York University in Toronto concluded that the effects of being overweight appear to add to the risk of death only for people younger than 65. For those older than 65, the extra weight may actually help them live longer. After studying existing data of nearly 10,000 adults, researchers concluded that "the associations between obesity and mortality are null or inverse" in adults over 65.

Lead researcher Dr. Jennifer Kuk told Reuters the findings may be explained because extra weight "is thought to be an energy reserve that helps the individual survive illnesses and chronic conditions."

The study was published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

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