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Tip: How seniors can continue to drive safely

Are you worried about your driving skills but also fear the loss of independence if you give up the car keys? You may be able to stay behind the wheel as long as you act your age.

A new study by The Hartford and MIT AgeLab found that people older than 70 stayed safer on the road by "self-regulating" their driving. This means recognizing their limitations by cutting down on driving at night, in bad weather or in heavy traffic.

There are several downloadable brochures and booklets at safedriving, a site co-sponsored by The Hartford and AARP that can help keep you driving safely. For example, "You and Your Car: A Guide to Driving Wellness" offers tips on how to reduce your risks of being in an accident. The booklet also has advice on how to keep your most precious cargo safe - your young grandkids.

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