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Good Morning

Tips for honing your job-search skills

Update your skills. For instance, take computer courses if you're not comfortable using one, experts say. Many libraries offer the basics for free.

Go with a positive attitude. It's tough keeping a stiff upper lip after a lot of rejections, but employers want workers with drive and enthusiasm.

Tweak your resumé. Consider a functional rather than a chronological resumé to highlight your experience and skills, rather than when you performed them. "It does really give an employer a picture of what you did on the job and what skills you brought to the job," said Deborah Russell, AARP's director of workforce issues. "That's what they're looking for."

Face-to-face networking. Blasting your resumé onto Internet job boards is fine. but nothing beats face-to-face networking, some experts say. "People rarely get jobs blasting resumés onto job boards," said Diane Pfadenhauer, president of Employment Practices Advisors in Northport. "They do get jobs through networking and making contacts."

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