When you're considering a retirement location, what's high on your list? Is it great golfing or excellent health care? An affordable apartment or a single-family house with low property taxes?

As is typical in December, several organizations are releasing their best places to retire lists. Here are two lists that couldn't be more different.

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Apartments.com's list is skewed toward reasonably priced rentals in climates with mild winters. The top five: Austin, Texas; Las Vegas; Scottsdale, Ariz.; San Antonio; and Phoenix. For the full list and explanations, go to bit.ly/AptsTop10Snowbirds.

Then there's the livability.com list. Cities were chosen based chiefly on excellent health care and a low cost of living. Livability.com says its criteria were "cities that have more to offer than green grass and easy tee times." The top five: Cincinnati; St. Louis; Baton Rouge, La.; Provo, Utah; and Pittsburgh. For the full list and method, go to bit.ly/livability-retire.