As a crafter, I love the acting of making things and also giving them away. My favorite thing to do is “swap” with other crafters. I get to share my handmade cards, jewelry or soap with someone who gets what it’s all about.

Here is what I recently traded with crafter extraordinaire Patty Bennett, a blogger and crafter in California. I gave her an altered glass tile pendant. You can wear it around your neck with a chain or pin it to your jackiet with a safety pin. These are super cute in person! One afternoon I was feeling creative and sat down to make 40 of these beauties. Wow! I've swapped almost all of them, but I do have a few left to giveaway.

And here is what I received from Patty. Isn’t it darling? I adore greeting cards! Thank you Patty for such a pretty swap card.

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Would you like to swap a crafty item with me? Pop me an e-mail at and provide me with details or even a photo of your handmade object. If I pick your item, I’ll be sure to feature it here on the Cheap Thrills blog.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!