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The Rinx, outdoor skating fun on Port Jefferson Harbor

Kidsday reporter Sophia Altamirano at the Rinx.

Kidsday reporter Sophia Altamirano at the Rinx. Credit: Altamirano family

Do you ever get bored in the winter because you are stuck in your house? Well, The Rinx is a fun place for skating with friends, having a birthday party, fundraisers, school trips or just skating for fun! It is in Port Jefferson. It is an outdoor rink with a lot of space to skate and a beautiful view of Port Jefferson Harbor.

The Rinx is open seven days a week from mid-November to late March. Ice skate rentals cost $5.50. Weekend admission for adults costs $11.50, for seniors it is $5.50, and for kids 11 and younger, it is $9. Sessions are about an hour and a half.

The Rinx also offers ice-skating lessons. I went to some of them and I learned so many cool tricks. I also made a friend! This past summer, The Rinx opened up a roller-skating rink so, when ice-skating season is over, instead of waiting, you can roller-skate. I have never been roller-skating there before, but my friends say it is really fun.

Sunday sessions are the best. They have a farmers market in the Village Center (the building that hosts the ice-skating rink), so, while you skate, your parents can shop. So if you’re looking for something fun to do on those cold winter days, check out The Rinx! It is located: 101-A E. Broadway, Port Jefferson. Call 631-403-4357.

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