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This video game party comes to you

Have you ever heard of a video game theater that comes to you? Well, there is a thing called Gamin' Ride that comes to you -- it's a video game theater in a huge bus, and it is awesome! We just tried it out and had a blast.

You can play any video game you want, and on any system. The seats and the setup are perfect for a party.

Gamin' Ride has 16 theater chairs and six jumbo TVs. At Gamin' Ride, they have Wii, PS3, Xbox, and you can even play Wii dance party outside -- or karaoke.

We liked that while some of the kids were busy with the games inside, others were outside having a dance and karaoke competition. It is not just about the game. There were three group leaders who kept the music going, led the dancing and helped us with all the fun games.

At Gamin' Ride, when you are playing a video game like Mario Cart, you can actually smell burning tires, and your seat vibrates.

We think Gamin' Ride is really cool! You can have parties your friends will love. And moms don't have to do any entertaining. If you want to hook up a party at Gamin' Ride, call or go online for more information. Call 888-36-GAMES (42637). The website is

Rating 5 smiles

Secret Agent Kid

I love to make movies. Every movie I make keeps me occupied and also gets me together with friends and family. You probably think I don't take my movies seriously, but I work extremely hard on them. One of my movies took two months to make! The movies I make are mainly about secret agents who are part of a secret society called K.S.A. (Kid Secret Agents). They risk their lives to save others.

I write, direct and even edit the movies myself, but all my hard work pays off in the end. Some of my movies are filmed at home, on my family vacations and even at school. My favorite movie I have made is called "Will Casale -- Agent 23."

I love to make movies, but my movies would be nothing without help from my friends and family -- and my video camera.

-- Kidsday reporter William Casale

CLASS OF THE WEEK Susan Stanco's fifth-grade class, Connolly School, Glen Cove

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