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Are there DIY details for a minimal wedding budget?

Putting flowers in a mason jar for your

Putting flowers in a mason jar for your wedding day are not only chic, but can save you a pretty penny. (Undated) Credit: iStock

Dear Wedding Helper,

I'm getting married upstate in an old barn, and I don't know how I can decorate the space without spending thousands of dollars on my minimal budget. I want to incorporate a lot of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) details to alleviate the cost, but I'm just not sure what will go well with my rustic barn venue to keep it looking classy. Please help! - Lauren, from Franklin Square 

Dear Lauren,

Luckily for you, the DIY movement is well on the rise for weddings. Burlap and string lights are replacing crystals and chandeliers so brides can save a pretty penny and dress up their wedding in a unique way. Because you have a fantastic venue, you can really play up its rustic vibe by creating the details yourself—all while keeping some extra money in your pocket. Here are just a few suggestions:

In lieu of a centerpiece filled to the brim with flowers, why not fill up mason jars with just a few of your favorite perennials? To add some character, place the mason jars on different heights of stacked vintage books. This will add major depth to your centerpiece, all while saving you major cash.

Another way to cut down your cost is to make the wedding favor double as the seating card. You can get really creative here and find out what would look great with your overall theme. A great idea? Mini terrariums placed at each person’s seat that hold a mini-card with their name on it. This way, they find out where they are seating and have something adorable they can take with them. Because this is a two-for-one detail, you’ll score crazy savings by eliminating one entire element from your to-buy list.

No matter your budget, there is almost always a solution to cut down your costs. Websites like Pinterest, The Knot, and The DIY Network are just a few of the several sites that turn ordinary objects into wedding-worthy ones. Be sure to have your bridesmaids pitch in, getting more work done in less time!

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