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Idea of the month: cake toppers

This custom made wooden topper from Goosegrease makes

This custom made wooden topper from Goosegrease makes for a unique, personalized spin on the traditional wedding cake topper. Credit: Anna Leigh Donado

The wedding cake is a very important aspect of the couple’s big day and shows off more of the bride and groom’s personality than one would initially think. Flavor, texture and color all go into creating a piece of art -- that is unfortunately going to get devoured. But there’s one part of the cake that will remain long after the wedding night: the cake topper.

Cake toppers have, for the most part, remained rather generic. It typically depicts a bride and groom (made out of porcelain or sometimes even plastic) on their wedding day, and the most “custom” thing about it is that you had your choice of picking out a hair color that is most similar to your own.

But seemingly overnight, wedding cake toppers have taken a fashionable turn. Now, cake toppers can be custom made, adding the bride and groom’s pet dog in with them, or even ditching the idea of using figurine people altogether and instead purchasing two little lovebirds to place atop your cake. 

Brides who are planning a rustic wedding will absolutely love the idea of a wooden wedding cake topper. Goosegrease, a Brooklyn-based shop is the place to go when looking for a custom-made wooden topper. The two little wooden dolls will be personalized to look like the bride and groom—and are created to be treated as an heirloom, something that can be saved for the years to come. These toppers are such a fun spin on the regular wedding topper silhouette, and will leave guests impressed at the unique style the bride and groom has. 

Another unconventional route the wedded couple can take is to scratch the idea of figurines on the top of the cake and instead incorporate their names with a laser cut wedding cake topper. Located in Queens, Vectorcloud creates laser cut wood toppers that show off the bride and groom’s names in a fun font. For a bride on a budget, this topper is a fantastic way to show off her style without breaking the bank. 

The possibilities for what you can now use as your cake topper are easy and endless, making your job in choosing what to pick to top your cake a, well, piece of cake.

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