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Idea of the month: WedPics

WedPics is a private photo and video social

WedPics is a private photo and video social network that allows its users to share images with the bride, groom and wedding guests. Credit: WedPics

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: It seems like these social networks sneak their way more and more into special life events — especially weddings. But it seems like with every social platform, there’s a drawback. For instance, if a wedding-goer snaps a gorgeous shot of the bride walking down the aisle and posts it to Instagram, if their profile isn’t public, the photos can’t be seen to those who aren’t friends with that user. There can be hundreds of photos snapped at a wedding, and, because of certain restrictions with each app or site, you may only be able to see a fraction of them. 

Enter Justin Miller, the CEO and co-founder of WedPics. He, along with co-founders Andy Heymann and Idan Koren, had an idea to build an app that allows a couple to have one main source to go to for all their photos and videos uploaded from guests. 

WedPics is a free and private social network that is a one-stop shop when it comes to the multimedia of a wedding. When a couple signs up on WedPics, anyone who is affiliated with the couple can capture and collect the entire wedding experience and save it to their album. This doesn’t just mean the day of the wedding, either. If you’re cake-tasting with the bride, or checking out cuff links with the groom, you can snap your shot, and in WedPics, everyone who is signed up with that bride and groom’s wedding account can check out the photos. 

“When it comes to WedPics, you don’t have to be socially connected to each and every person at the wedding. You just have to know the bride or groom, and you will automatically see the photos and videos,” Miller says. “It reduces the need to connect with random guests, but you can still keep the common sharer (the bride or groom).”

A big question that comes up often: What are you actually going to do with the photos taken on a smartphone at a wedding? With WedPics, your images can be printed in full resolution, thanks to a partnershop with Kodak and Target. All you have to do is order the photos you want through the app, find the Target closest to you and go pick up the photos!

Because the albums never expire, you can re-live a wedding from each guests point of view again and again — no friend requests needed.

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