Spring is finally in the air, and with it comes wedding season. Because the warmer weather evokes feelings of happiness and romance, it is the perfect season to hold a special event, particularly a wedding. If you're planning a wedding for next spring, be sure to take these tips from celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. 

Last year, wedding colors had a soft and delicate palette, filled with neutrals, pastels, champagnes and ivories. This color palette in itself is timeless, but a new color scheme is on the horizon: bold, bright and sunny pops of colors. Bursts of oranges, purples and yellows are not just for the daring anymore. If you’re planning a spring wedding, dive into the world of your favorite colors and incorporate them fearlessly into your wedding day. 

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Weiss also has a tip for brides on a budget. "What you should do is purchase items and pieces to use on your wedding day that will translate well in your home when the day is over — think topiaries, birdcages, mason jars and statues." In the end, you're not only decorating for the wedding day, but decorating your home as well. This means you can keep these items to remember the day long after the party has ended.

Another fantastic tip from Weiss? "My motto is to always bring the outside in, and the inside out. Essentially, no matter what you do, always try to add a touch of the outdoors, but still keep it refined. Maybe use watering cans as centerpieces at your indoor reception, or put throw blankets on benches for your guests if your reception is outdoors." 

The last tip from Weiss is a fun one — to constantly mix prints, patterns and textures. We no longer have to live by the idea that mixing and matching looks too busy. Mix Aztec-patterned plates with floral-patterned bowls, or create a plaid- and polka-dot-tiered cake. Spring is all about celebration and fun, and if you follow these rules, your wedding will be, too!