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Stevie Beard and Brady Hogevoll's hunting-themed engagement photo goes viral

Stevie Beard and Brady Hogevoll of Logsden, Oregon,

Stevie Beard and Brady Hogevoll of Logsden, Oregon, in rural Lincoln County, took a playful engagement photo in January that was posted on Facebook and viewed over 6.4 million times in a little over a week. Credit: Joshua Rainey

She’s got him by the ankles.

A rural Oregon couple’s engagement photo has become the newest image to go viral online.

Stevie Beard, 28, is shown holding a gun and a sign proclaiming “the hunt is over” in front of a tractor where her fiancé, Brady Hogevoll, also 28, is hanging by his ankles.

Although Beard told OregonLive that hunting is a small part of their lives, they shared the photo with the Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting Foundation, who in turn shared it on Facebook — and said on Saturday that the photo has reached 6.4 million people with 162,000+ likes.

Hogevoll has been hunting since he was a child, and Beard has joined him. They’ve known each other since they were nine.

Beard suggested Hogevoll hang from the tractor, where they often suspend game they hunt in order to clean it.

Engagement photos have become popular in recent years, with couples posting the photos online and using them for save-the-dates and other wedding-themed decor. Other engagement photos that have gone viral include a couple that recreated scenes from “The Notebook,” one that followed a “Dr. Who” theme and yet another that followed in Walter White’s footsteps on “Breaking Bad.”

This photo, taken by Joshua Rainey, will spend time on refrigerators in addition to screens, as it’s being used as the couple’s save-the-date. Their wedding is scheduled for September 5. 

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