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Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson talks winter wedding tips, trends

Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson talks winter wedding

Style Me Pretty's Abby Larson talks winter wedding tips and trends.

Though the weather outside may be frightful, having a winter wedding could be oh-so-delightful. The chilly weather brings on an entirely different aspect to a wedding that the other seasons can't match up to. Think of guests chatting fireside, a warm and cozy dress code, and the snow falling outside while you're living it up indoors. And if you're not yet completely sold, keep in mind that the winter months are the friendliest for your budget.

Style Me Pretty founder Abby Larson gives tips and ideas on how to make your winter wedding the hottest topic of the holiday season.

Q. What is the biggest winter color trend for weddings this season?

"White! As obvious as it sounds, brides are definitely gravitating towards really neutral palettes - whites, champagne, ivory, blushy pinks and nudes. Accents of linen and nature bring a sense of warmth to the palette."

Q. How do you keep your bridal party warm when taking photos outdoors?  

"A great gift for the bridal party is a gorgeous wrap in your wedding color. There are online resources for wraps that come in a myriad of colors at reasonable prices, and it's such a lovely gift that can be both practical and timeless."

Q. What's an alternative to keeping the bride cozy, without having to wear a dress with long sleeves?

"A beautiful faux fur stole or a lush cashmere cardigan."

Q. What kind of décor evokes the feeling of winter, without going into a holiday theme?

"Lighting is so important to winter weddings, as you don't get to play off the outdoor lighting. Hundreds of candles (or LEDs) or gorgeous chandeliers really help to evoke the feeling of something special, intimate and cozy-- the best part of winter. Seasonal greenery can also be used in a way that feels fresh and organic, to capture the winter spirit without feeling cliche. In the winter you also get a chance to play with really beautiful, heavier linens-- it feels so appropriate for the winter months."

Q. How can you translate comfort foods and drinks into a classy wedding?

"It's all about presentation. A slider and fries or tomato soup and grilled cheese can be made chic when served miniature and served in a modern plating style. For dinner, consider taking classic menu items then elevating them-- like lobster mac and cheese and truffled mashed potatoes."

Q. As bride and groom, what can you do on your winter wedding day that will leave your guests talking?

"Send them off with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a few freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. That little touch as they leave the wedding will leave such a long lasting impression."

Q. What is the biggest perk of having a wedding in the winter?

"In many parts of the country, rates go down in the winter months so it's really budget saver. And that really rings true across the board for all wedding services from flowers to music." 

Q. What is an element that can be incorporated into a winter wedding that may not work with any other season?

"I really believe that there are no rules when it comes to wedding décor, so whether you want to serve s'mores fireside in the summer or the winter, it's equally as fabulous. But, there is something simply magical about bringing the outdoors in during those chilly winter months. Decorating with potted trees in lieu of cut flowers or draping every last corner in something that sparkles creates a real sense of wonder in your day."

Q. What is the hottest décor inspiration for this year’s colder months?

"Sequins! Pairing simple, traditional designs alongside glammed up details. A gorgeous lace gown paired with sparkly stilettos; an organic linen table dressed up with sparkly chargers. Right now it's all about timeless decor with a sparkly twist." 

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