Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

You can be very creative using household objects

Kidsday reporter Ryan Sanders and the homemade car

Kidsday reporter Ryan Sanders and the homemade car he made. Credit: Jason Sanders

Have you ever been bored to tears? Well, if this is you, guess what? I have an idea for you! Be creative! Don’t throw those toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes or tin cans away. Use your imagination by using items around your house that collect dust and turn your day around from bored to brilliant.

I created a car out of everyday items such as toilet paper rolls, boxes and spray paint. I also used packing tape, markers, scissors and a lot of creativity. I love old cars so I decided to make the car model look like it’s from the 1940s. This car includes doors that open along with a trunk that opens. Although I cannot physically fit in the car, since its only three feet long and one foot wide, I still like the way it looks. I put my dad’s lacrosse company, (Rage Beyond) sticker on it and called it, “Road Rage.” The car’s catchphrase is, “Rise above, Rage Beyond.” To me it’s worth the effort and time in the end when I take a step back and embrace what I’ve created. It makes me feel proud of what I’ve done.

How do I generate some creative ideas you may ask? If you’re sitting at home reading this, here’s what I suggest.

To get the creative juices flowing I look around my surroundings and notice the objects around me that stick out because I either enjoy the idea of the object or I like the way it’s designed. For example, last winter I took a block eraser, along with some aluminum tape and created a miniature model of an iPhone. I detailed it with black duct tape and called it the iPhone mini. You should create whatever you want by making some objects that just sit around and collect dust come to life!

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