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'Party of Five" had its heyday in the '90s and now the

second season of the long-running series is out on DVD. We asked the Review

Crew to rate it.

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Dan Contrada, 28, Malverne

Fantasy job: Astronaut

Addictions: Zen Palate and Cheesecake Factory

Cartoon character you most identify with: Brian (the dog) on "Family Guy"

Dan says: I loved watching the absorbing lives of the Salinger family, and

the DVD reminded me how much I looked forward to this drama every week.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's reminiscences were particularly engaging, but then

again, I'm biased. For the price of five movie tickets, you're getting a great

value if you're an avid "Party of Five" fan.

Grade: A-

Danielle Dellilo, 26, Franklin Square

Back in the day, my Uncle Tony and I always watched "Party of Five"

together. So I called him to watch this DVD with me. We loved it! A lot of good

stuff happened this season: Bailey and Sarah finally hook up, Sarah finds out

she's adopted, Julia and Justin are on and off. There's also an interview with

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who gives the inside scoop about what went on during the


Grade: A (+)

Karen Berg, 24, Bayside

I remember watching "Party of Five" as a preteen and loving every second of

it. I'd tune in every Wednesday night to laugh and cry with the Salingers.

Now, I've got to say, it's a lot more painful to see. Bailey, played by Scott

Wolf, is the only character I still like. As an added bonus, you'll get to hear

why Jennifer Love Hewitt loved playing Sarah opposite hunky Wolf (12 years her

senior). I guess at 16, I'd have loved to play Wolf's girlfriend, too.

Grade: C

Laurie Cedilnik, 23, Astoria

Watching "Party of Five" is like eating Gummy Bears - a fun snack, but pop

too many and you might get a stomachache. While I had a few laughs listening to

Jennifer Love Hewitt reflect on her teenage crush on Scott Wolf, I felt like I

was watching a Lifetime "Intimate Portrait." I wished that other actors

("Lost" boy Matthew Fox and my favorite mean girl, Lacey Chabert) had gotten a

slice of the skinny DVD extras - and previews for random movies I've already

seen are not "special" features.

Grade: C-

Marisa D'Agosto, 24,


I would never purchase a "Party of Five" DVD. It's the kind of show you get

caught watching on Lifetime on a Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't recommend the

DVD to avid "POF" fans either. Besides a dull interview with Jennifer Love

Hewitt, the bonus material includes commentary by the cast as the episodes

play. It's funny at times, but mostly distracting because you're straining to

hear and watch the episode as the actors talk over it.

Grade: B-

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