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1,500 walk at MADD memorial in Farmingdale

Randi Schuller hugs Dawn Titcomb during the walk.

Randi Schuller hugs Dawn Titcomb during the walk. Hundreds walked around Farmingdale State College in memory of a loved one killed in a drunken driving accident. (June 2, 2012) Credit: Steve Pfost

Two hundred pairs of shoes.

New and used -- from scuffed basketball high-tops to glittery baby footwear with lime-green trim -- the shoes lined a sidewalk at Farmingdale State College on Saturday.

They represented lives lost each year in drunken driving accidents across New York State.

The sixth annual Walk Like MADD event, expected to raise $120,000 for the nonprofit, is also meant to memorialize DWI victims and raise awareness.

Long Island MADD executive director Tom McCoy said the 5-kilometer walk is the group's biggest fundraiser.

"It's a way to come together and honor people who are so sorely missed, and hopefully we walk so no one else has to ever walk again," said Cathy Wilkens, of Putnam County, who comes to the event with her family each year.

Her nieces, Lori and Kayla Donohue, were killed in 2009. A drunken driver hit them as they were walking through a parking lot in Brewster, N.Y.

This year, 1,500 Mothers Against Drunk Driving supporters participated in the walk, including 66 teams wearing matching T-shirts, usually with pictures of victims printed on the front.

The largest group was Team Showtime, with about 200 members sporting bright-red shirts. Their reason for joining MADD: Gary "Showtime" Edwards, 21, of Queens, who died in the borough in a December collision with a car driven by an intoxicated man.

Edwards' mom, Sharon Conley, of Atlanta, said she wants young people to realize how dangerous drunken driving can be.

"It's important for them to know when you drink and you drive, you're really killing people," she said.

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