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Pat Dolan: A proud history and a bright future

Pat Dolan, seen at Newsday on Monday.

Pat Dolan, seen at Newsday on Monday.  Credit: Chris Ware

A state-of-the-art TV studio complex with sizzling 3D graphics. A modern theater equipped to stream live events from debates to e-gaming. Live interviews with authors, celebrities, musicians. Podcasts. Local concerts. Instant breaking news with dramatic video delivered to your phone. Binge-worthy, award-winning TV documentaries.

No, I’m not talking about CNN, HBO or Amazon.

This is Newsday.

There’s been a ton of chatter equating newspapers with Jurassic creatures lurching around on their last legs. The reality is far different. Though Newsday's roots are in a product made from ink and trees, more people than ever are experiencing Newsday's world-class journalism in many different ways on many platforms. At our core, we’re about delivering the truth . . . holding the powerful accountable . . . protecting your family . . . and giving you the tools to make life on this beautiful island we share richer and more enjoyable.

That’s been the case ever since journalist/adventurer Alicia Patterson cranked out Newsday’s first edition from a garage in Hempstead on Sept. 3, 1940.

Today . . . on Newsday’s 80th anniversary . . . our product is transforming itself like a butterfly bursting out of its cocoon. It’s fast. It’s connected. And it’s delivered instantly to any device you prefer, from your phone to your living room TV.

Without sacrificing the appeal of our easy-to-read traditional paper, Newsday is pushing the frontier on new ways to deliver the information and insights you need to navigate your life on Long Island. We’ve invested heavily in modernizing our facility from wall to wall, including all the high tech infrastructure we need to push fresh, exciting content out on any platform. Streaming video, social media, a smart TV app — all are ways to get even more enjoyment from a subscription to Newsday.

Best of all, it’s still produced by hundreds of acclaimed journalists and news professionals who are solely focused on you as a Long Islander.

Why do you need Newsday? Because without it you won’t get the smart, well-documented, precision reporting you need to really understand what’s going on around you. It’s reporting you can trust. It shines an unblinking light in corners where powerful people don’t want you to see. And it’s resulted in meaningful change that empowers ordinary citizens.

With your support, we’ll continue with that important work! We’ll continue to produce revealing stories on subjects that matter to you and your family on topics like education, health and the environment. And we’ll keep on with that zesty, vibrant storytelling on everything that floats your boat here on our island, whether you’re a foodie, an outdoors person, a music lover, hobbyist, sports fan or parent.

We’re in this for the long haul! We’re grateful to have you in the Newsday family.

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