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A family milestone, Bob’s proposal

Susan Marie Davniero, of Lindenhurst, on her wedding

Susan Marie Davniero, of Lindenhurst, on her wedding with her father walking her down the aisle. Credit: Susan Marie Davniero

One of the happiest days of my life was the night my husband-to-be, Bob, proposed marriage. Not only because he made me happy but because he made my father happy, too.

Bob and I dated only a few weeks, and Bob already proposed on the third date. I hesitated to tell my parents because it was so soon. That night, I came home from my date with Bob. Arriving home, I walked past my father, and we exchanged our goodnights as he sat at the dining room table waiting up for me (as he often did).

Reaching my bedroom upstairs that I shared with my twin sister, Laura, I of course told her the big news. She insisted I tell the folks that night and woke up the whole family. Laura was adamant and made a scene, raising her voice: “Tell them now! You have to tell them!”

Everyone awoke, my older sister, Teresa, came to her bedroom door wrapped in her blanket; even the cats seemed curious. Dad, with Mom following, raced to the bottom of the stairs calling out: “What is it? What is wrong?” I met their glares standing from the top of the stairs but said nothing. Laura persisted, making a scene and repeating: “Tell them now! Tell them now!”

Suddenly, Dad became alarmed and said: “If you don’t tell me what it is now, I’m coming up!” Apparently, that line still worked on me (although I don’t recall Dad ever really coming upstairs) since I agreed to tell him.

“All right, I’ll tell you,” I said. I paused while looking directly at Dad alone and spoke: “Bob asked me to marry him tonight.”

Dad froze, staring at me, and spoke softly, almost afraid to ask: “What did you say?”

I smiled as I replied: “I said ‘yes.’ ”

A silence overcame all of us in the sudden surprise of it all — one of Dad’s three daughters was getting married! Dad stayed up all night after that. It was the happiest night Dad waited up for me. Dad finally got what he was waiting for — one of his three daughters was getting married. And he would be walking his daughter down the aisle.

Susan Marie Davniero,


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