Bishop William Murphy of the Diocese of Rockville Centre has come out against the idea of women deacons in the church, a day after Pope Francis said he would appoint a commission to look into the issue.

In a blog post on The Long Island Catholic website Friday, Murphy said he disagrees with historians who say ordained women deacons existed in the early Church — one of the key arguments of proponents who want to see women deacons in the modern church.

“For the moment I have yet to be convinced that the ‘evidence’ in the early church about deaconesses indicates any kind of sacramental ordination,” Murphy wrote. “The limited instances in print and in art to my mind are inconclusive and certainly somewhat ‘obscure.’ ”

Murphy also said the work of women in the church is already well-served through religious orders of nuns.

“It seems clear that the true charitable and social work of men and women in the Church has been well fulfilled by the growth of congregations and institutes of women and men of apostolic life, the religious, those extraordinary sisters, brothers and religious order priests who to this day we applaud for their work, their witness and their holy commitment,” he added.

Murphy said he had another “long standing” reservation about women deacons. Namely, that the church already has three groups of ordained clerics — priests, deacons and religious brothers.

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“Do we need to add another ‘clerical group’ to the three we already have?” Murphy wrote.

On Thursday Francis told a closed-door meeting in Rome of some 900 superiors of women’s religious orders that he agreed with their proposal to create a commission to study the issue.

Deacons perform some of the same functions as priests such as presiding over baptisms, marriages and funerals, and preaching at Mass. But they cannot celebrate or preside over Masses, hear confessions or administer last rites. Unlike priests, who take a vow of celibacy, deacons can marry.

The Vatican on Friday tamped down expectations that Francis plans to approve women deacons any time soon — or at all.

The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told Vatican Radio that the pope “didn’t say he had any intention of introducing diaconal ordination for women, much less priestly ordination for women.”

Another top Vatican official, Archbishop Angelo Becciu, tweeted that Francis had called him, surprised by all the ruckus his comments had raised. “He’s thinking about a commission. Let’s not jump to its conclusions.”