Number of graduates650

Commencement speakerBriarcliffe president George Santiago Jr. gave students one last homework assignment: Be proud of yourselves and help others. "Graduates, understand that you are a wonder," he said. "Be keenly aware that there are others with less, often much less, than you, through no fault of their own, who need your help."

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Keynote speakerRep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) emphasized public service while pursuing the American dream. "Stay grounded and never forget where you came from," he advised. "Do what your gut tells you is right . . . There is no greater cause in life than to make this world better than you found it."

Class speakerCo-valedictorian Suzanne Caldeira, of Medford, who now holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, advised, "Cherish your family and friends and do not wake up tomorrow with regrets."