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Bronx woman dies after botched plastic surgery

Siordaliza Pichardo only wanted to add shape to her thighs and buttocks. Now, the Bronx mother of two is dead, killed during a botched plastic surgery procedure, authorities said.

Pichardo, 43, showed up at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center the morning of March 17, the day after the illegal procedure, police said Thursday. She wasn't feeling well, she told doctors. She was dizzy and had trouble breathing, she said, and had spent the previous night vomiting.

Pichardo died at the hospital the next day, just past 3 a.m., after doctors worked on her for more than an hour when she went into cardiac arrest, police said.

The autopsy performed on her was inconclusive, the medical examiner's office said.

But after further tests were conducted and police were consulted, the ME on Tuesday declared the case a homicide and concluded the mother of two died of a "silicone pulmonary embolism," with the silicone clotting in her lungs. The ME also said the injections were performed by a "nonmedical, unlicensed person."

Pichardo's friend, whose name was not available, performed the procedure, authorities said. She is being investigated in connection with Pichardo's death, said NYPD Sgt. Carlos Nieves.

The dead woman's son Kelvin Rodriguez, 21, also said Pichardo was friends with the woman who performed the procedure.

"I was strongly opposed that my mom was doing this because she didn't need it," said the son, an intern at Manhattan Federal Court.

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