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Bullying on LI: 'Key is to minimize it'

Is there a bully in your life? For many students on Long Island, the answer is a resounding, "Yes."

Old-fashioned bullies haven't gone away. They're still in the schoolyard, the bus, the locker room. Now, they're also on the Internet.

Bullying comes in many forms: taunting, criticizing, physically intimidating, shoving, name-calling in person or online. It is stubborn and difficult to control. As one principal on Long Island observed: "Anyone who tells you they can eliminate it is dishonest. The key is to minimize it and effectively address it when it does occur."

While efforts are beginning to pay off, with fewer intimidation incidents overall reported to the state from Long Island in the past few years, for some youngsters, bullying continues in classrooms and after the school day ends.

In their own words, four Long Island students tell Newsday's Carol Polsky about their experiences being bullied.

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