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Long Island

Centenarian: Mae Anderman, Great Neck

Mae Anderman was born April 8, 1907. She graduated from City College, where she met her husband, Max Anderman, in German class. She was married 47 years before being widowed. She ran the Breeze Lawn Hotel in Ellenville in the Catskills. In the winter, Mae and Max ran Maytex Mills, a national curtain company. She was president of Briarwood Jewish Center and was active in charities, politics and business. She enjoys dancing, reading, discussion groups, art and music lectures and playing Scrabble and bridge. She has seven grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren. She lives at Atria Cutter Mill in Great Neck, where she celebrated her birthday. Her children, Arthur, Myra and Barbara, and daughter-in-law, Carole, and son-in-law, Arnold, attended.

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