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Democratic candidate Anna Kaplan releases gun-control plan

Democratic congressional contender Anna Kaplan on Monday announced a six-point plan to reinstate the ban on assault weapons, establish universal background checks and ban sales to those on federal terror lists.

Kaplan made her proposal after a roundtable discussion — dubbed Moms for Common Sense Solutions — in Great Neck with a half dozen female gun control advocates.

Kaplan, a North Hempstead Town Board member, said officials must stop the current cycle where a tragedy occurs, condolences are issued, but no action is taken.

“This is a cycle we must dedicate ourselves to breaking,” she said. “What I am proposing is a comprehensive set of solutions that seek to address and reverse the grip of firearm violence has on our communities.”

Kaplan called for reinstating the assault weapon ban that expired in 2004, and closing of a loophole that allow sales at gun shows or sales that are done privately.

She would require all sales to be recorded and go through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Kaplan called for blocking individuals on federal terrorist watch lists from buying guns.

She also called for increased funding for inspections to crack down on dealers who routinely supply guns to the illegal market and revoking immunity that gun manufacturers now have to lawsuits.

Kaplan wants funding for the federal Centers for Disease Control to conduct research on the causes and solutions for gun violence.

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