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Christie's not in a jam yet

He'd better hope that's all there is.

Chris Christie is still standing, as is his political career, after the killer emails, the firings, the endless news conference, the Fort Lee mea culpa and the adamant assertions of total ignorance from a man who doesn't normally miss too much.

So what's coming next?

Will ex-staffer Bridget Kelly announce she acted on orders from above? Which other senior staffers had their fingers in this mess? Will the New Jersey governor's far-flung DNA -- perhaps in the form of an email CC -- tie him indisputably to the retribution traffic jam, called down like locusts on helpless Fort Lee?

We'll know soon.

New documents are leaking by the hour. The full George Washington Bridge scandal is dribbling inevitably out. I'm plowing through the pages. Here's what I'm looking for:

Who else was Kelly emailing?

Is Chief of Staff Kevin O'Dowd implicated, too? He was Kelly's immediate superior. He's one degree closer to the guv. If O'Dowd is fingered, Christie is through.

What's the real reason for the bridge-lane closures? I like Rachel Maddow's theory on MSNBC: Christie's seething anger over Supreme Court nominees -- not the Fort Lee mayor's refusal to endorse him.

What other political dirty tricks did the governor's staff play? It can't be just one town! What about other mayors or legislators who displeased the boss? What bennies did friendly pols receive? An attack so bold cannot possibly stand alone.

Where are the other Republicans? Many already resented Christie's egocentric personality and his coziness to Barack Obama. They've been awfully quiet the past four days. His chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association is in genuine peril now.

Christie has already used up 81/2 of his nine political lives. He doesn't have much room left for further revelation.


1. Who wants to drive into New York anyway?

2. Don't hate me because I'm skinnier.

3. Kelly bullied me.

4. It's not like I shut down the Super Bowl.

5. Will Obama hug me now?

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THE NEWS IN SONG: Fifteen minutes to go three blocks: James Taylor's "Traffic Jam,"


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