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Could it be the heat? Maybe it's the storms blowing around. Something in the atmosphere is messing with the natural order of things.

Liberals are loving filibusters. Conservatives are shrugging off gay marriage. And a sharply divided U.S. Senate just passed an immigration bill with Democratic and some Republican support.

Someday soon, people in Washington could actually learn to spell "bipartisan" again.

After decades of denouncing conservative filibusters against civil rights legislation and federal judge appointments, progressives across America have found a new hero. And what did Wendy Davis do? She stood on the floor of the Texas State Senate, hogging the microphone long enough to keep a strict anti-abortion bill from getting a timely vote.

Kind of like Strom Thurmond used to do.

Some social conservatives are still wringing their hands at the Supreme Court ruling scuttling the core of federal Defense of Marriage Act and greenlighting gay marriage in California. But the polls have reversed themselves. The passion is gone. No one expects much Adam-and-Steve rhetoric as gay marriage marches on.

And immigration reform is suddenly the law of the Senate, if not quite the land. Republicans in the House of Representatives still don't seem to know what to do next.

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If they appear hostile to immigrants, Latinos will keep voting Democratic. When the path to citizenship becomes law, even more Latinos will get to vote.

Democrats would do well to stand back and watch. When the other side is torturing itself, why not let it continue, painfully?


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START-UP NY stands for SUNY Tax-free Areas to Revitalize and Transform Upstate NY. But don't let the acronym fool you. The state's new tax-free zones for incubator businesses include Stony Brook University and some private campuses in Nassau and Suffolk. The state will waive 10 years of business, sales and property taxes for the job-creating preemies. Employees will pay no income taxes for five. The deal "will undoubtedly help launch hundreds of new businesses on Long Island," said SBU president Sam Stanley, sounding like a happy, expectant dad.

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