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What does a mayor have to do to be impeached in Canada?

Shoot a moose? Outlaw hockey? Getting caught on video sucking a crack pipe obviously isn't enough.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gives crackheads a bad name!

Mayor Ford's issues aren't limited to cellphone cameras and rock cocaine. In earlier embarrassments, he was fired as a high-school football coach over a violent confrontation with a player. He was accused of groping a female politician at a fundraising event. He was even ejected from the stands at a Maple Leafs hockey game for being drunk and boisterous.

Yes, ejected from a hockey game! How drunk and boisterous must the mayor have been?

He's blaming "one of my drunken stupors" for the crack-video episode -- drunken stupors, plural. And just to prove how frequent they are, another mayoral video popped up by week's end, this one teeming with vulgar threats. "No holds barred, brother," the mayor fumes about an unseen opponent. "He dies or I die."

"I was extremely, extremely inebriated," he shrugged later.

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Under Canadian law, Ford can't be impeached unless he stops showing up at City Hall. But maybe there's a deal to be made here: You keep your job, Mr. Mayor. But please, please, turn out the lights and sit in the darkness at home.



1. If it's good enough for Marion Barry.

2. At least I wasn't selling it -- that I recall.

3. Whitney had lots of other problems, too.

4. Coffee's addictive, too.

5. I'll just use the old "drunken stupor" excuse.

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