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Henican: Fiscal responsibility can get a little dicey

Nassau Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt talks about the

Nassau Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt talks about the proposed raises being rescinded. (January 29, 2010) Credit: Newsday/Howard Schnapp

This whole fiscal responsibility thing can get a little dicey. Sometimes people actually hold you to what you say.

Just ask Peter Schmitt.

The new presiding officer of the Nassau Legislature, who swept in with County Executive Edward Mangano in November’s anti-incumbent wave, is a tightfisted, lean-government, no-waste conservative. Or so he’d been telling everyone.

Then on Monday, Schmitt got his fellow Republicans, on a strict party-line, to ram through a whopping pay-raise package for legislative leaders, including an extra 47 percent for himself.


But dumb!

On his way to the bank, he handed the Democratic minority a big fat club to beat him with. Mr. Tight Fist was suddenly Mr. Spend-Spend-Spend!

Still smarting from the unexpected success of Republicans’ tax-and-spend rhetoric, Dems were more than eager to pounce. Their leader, Diane Yatauro, knew an issue when she saw one and announced she would not accept the pay raise. If forced to by law, she’d hand the money to charity.

This was too easy, almost.

By week’s end, even Schmitt had seen the glaring light. He announced he would propose Monday that the raises be reversed.

With the straightest faces they could muster, Democrats kept milking the debacle into the weekend.

“It sounds like Rip Van Winkle just woke up,” Yatauro said, inserting the knife and spinning a few more times. “It’s as if he just found out that Nassau’s residents are faced with unemployment, foreclosures and low sales tax numbers.”

Lesson learned?

True Slogans:
1. Lean times, fat raises
2. Public service, where the money is
3 .Belt tightening is for wimps
4. This is a bargain compared to 50 percent
5. Fun with deficits

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