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Tough decisions on Iraq ahead

In this Aug. 8, 2014, photo, Kurdish Peshmerga

In this Aug. 8, 2014, photo, Kurdish Peshmerga fighters stand guard during airstrikes targeting Islamic State militants at the Khazer checkpoint outside of the city of Irbil in northern Iraq. Credit: AP

Insta-poll time: Who's itching to go back to war in Iraq?

Nobody I know. Eight years, eight months, three weeks and five days was more than enough for all of my friends.

But here we are. These Caliphate enforcers -- ISIS, ISIL, Islamic State, call them what you will -- are too extremist even for al-Qaida. They have a brutal and singular goal: Impose Sharia law on Muslims everywhere, starting in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, Palestine and on and on eventually to Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn and then, I guess, Bay Shore.

A Muslim is a Muslim, they believe, and the rigid will of Allah doesn't bend.

These people are so scary, so vicious and so armed, no one needs Dick Cheney anymore to exaggerate the danger. All these people have to do is shoot. Lately, they've been slaughtering civilians across Iraq and using captured weapons to get the job done.

America can't be accused of causing this, but we did set the conditions right.

Before we took Baghdad the last time, Islamic fundamentalism was nowhere in Iraq. The manic oppression of Saddam Hussein made sure of it. But his tyranny is long gone now. The Maliki government is teetering cluelessly. And we have little choice but to move in gingerly.

People are being slaughtered.

Iraq is being overrun.

We can't sit still and do absolutely nothing.

What choice does a reluctant President Barack Obama have? What choice does anyone have?

We have to learn the painful lessons of war again then get our people out of there -- as quickly as humanly possible and this time we hope for good.


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