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Joan Rivers, blunt and boisterous, got laughs by getting at truth

Joan Rivers at the Riviera Hotel in Las

Joan Rivers at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas on April 8, 1982. Credit: EPA / Las Vegas News Bureau

What would Joan Rivers have said about the Islamic State beheadings? You know the acerbic comedian would have weighed in fearlessly. And whatever she said wouldn't have been remotely politically correct.

Know any good terrorist jokes?

Those who speak and write in public understand the inherent peril of their craft. They're always one hot button from someone's outrage, one stray crack from forced oblivion. Yet for these gifted few, to succumb to blandness is to disrespect their God-given talents and the platforms they've been honored to hold. So they take their chances and press boldly on.

There was nothing Joan Rivers was too nervous to talk about, nothing she couldn't push the envelope on — from her barren sex life to her own many face-lifts to politicians and other famous folks. Sometimes, she stumbled far across the line. (Michelle Obama, America's first transgender first lady? Really?) It was impossible to defend Joan Rivers sometimes.

Yet from her first appearance on the "Tonight Show" in 1965 until her death at Manhattan's Mount Sinai Hospital at age 81, she said it like she thought it was — and then some.

Love her, hate her, cringe at her: The woman did something that is truly worth celebrating. She spent a lifetime telling everyone just exactly what was on her twisted mind.


1. That's private

2. That's gross

3. That's not acceptable

4. That might upset someone

5. That's the truth

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