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The gas line situation on Long Island, instead of getting better, is getting worse. This despite assurances from Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week -- long since tamped down -- that things would be lighten up beginning Wednesday.

Things aren't all right. Especially when gas lines increasingly are disrupting traffic, pulling county and state police resources and forcing Long Islanders -- who need gas to get to work -- to factor waits for fuel, with no guarantee for success, into already stressed-soaked days.

There's been gas siphoning, gas line arguments, gas gougers, gas hoarders and cheats -- like one guy who repeatedly filled a gas can and dumped it into the gas tank of his nearby car before jumping back onto the shorter gas can line to cheat again.


Imposition of simple odd-even license plate days in New Jersey has tamped down the frenzy in that state to the point where Gov. Chris Christie is comfortable saying the shortage is over.

Why, why, why is Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo unwilling to take the same route? He's said he is continuing to assess the situation.

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Why wait? Do it governor. Do it today.

With snow showers, an impending nor'easter, moving in -- and -- repeat outages, cold food, no showers and for too many no homes, its long past time to restore some order and some sanity on the fuel front.